I believe in God

I believe in God. Wow. Shocker, right? Wrong. I don’t believe in God like the masses believe. I don’t even like the word. I only use it to relate to those who do believe in God. I don’t believe there’s a man in the sky who is separate from this universe who motivated this act of kindness. Nope. God IS the universe. Not separate.
Think about it like this: your liver is a part of you but if I were to remove it and place it on the table before you it would not be “you” on that table. Similarly, I could remove your fingers and place them in a box but would it be “you” in that box? No. Pieces of you, sure. Well that’s what I think about when I think of “God”. Every particle in the universe is simply a piece of “God”. Nothing can be removed from the universe and nothing can be added. That’s basic physics. So “God” is simply the totality of the universe; all intelligence, all matter, all consciousness, all energy, all vacuum is “God”….or you could just call it the universe. This means that just as your liver is a part of you, you are a part of “God”.
The significance is that both the religious adherent and the rigid atheist can be correct here. Neither, of course, are totally correct (who ever is?) but they have both latched onto a perspective of the truth that they find soothing. For those who believe in a panentheistic God (Christians) they believe that this voice or intelligence that moves them comes from “God” himself and is inspired by a higher force than their own humanity. For those who believe in a purely physical atheistic universe, they believe that these ideas and paths emerge from within the human themselves and that these acts are inspired by oneself. Both of these viewpoints could be true if the universe is viewed as a single, gigantic, endless entity with intelligence and consciousness of its own from which we borrow to have our own intelligence and consciousness. Just like our liver borrows our blood and nutrients to keep doing what it does, so do we borrow consciousness from the universe.
The idea of God(s) isn’t necessarily stupid. It is the small and shallow versions of “God” that mainstream religion has offered that are lacking. If there is a God, I’m certain that it is much bigger than some angry fucker watching humans, sending folks to Hell, making ridiculous rules, and requesting constant worship. The version of God sold to the masses by religion is lacking and scientifically invalid.