I believe in God

I believe in God. Wow. Shocker, right? Wrong. I don’t believe in God like the masses believe. I don’t even like the word. I only use it to relate to those who do believe in God. I don’t believe there’s a man in the sky who is separate from this universe who motivated this act of kindness. Nope. God IS the universe. Not separate.
Think about it like this: your liver is a part of you but if I were to remove it and place it on the table before you it would not be “you” on that table. Similarly, I could remove your fingers and place them in a box but would it be “you” in that box? No. Pieces of you, sure. Well that’s what I think about when I think of “God”. Every particle in the universe is simply a piece of “God”. Nothing can be removed from the universe and nothing can be added. That’s basic physics. So “God” is simply the totality of the universe; all intelligence, all matter, all consciousness, all energy, all vacuum is “God”….or you could just call it the universe. This means that just as your liver is a part of you, you are a part of “God”.
The significance is that both the religious adherent and the rigid atheist can be correct here. Neither, of course, are totally correct (who ever is?) but they have both latched onto a perspective of the truth that they find soothing. For those who believe in a panentheistic God (Christians) they believe that this voice or intelligence that moves them comes from “God” himself and is inspired by a higher force than their own humanity. For those who believe in a purely physical atheistic universe, they believe that these ideas and paths emerge from within the human themselves and that these acts are inspired by oneself. Both of these viewpoints could be true if the universe is viewed as a single, gigantic, endless entity with intelligence and consciousness of its own from which we borrow to have our own intelligence and consciousness. Just like our liver borrows our blood and nutrients to keep doing what it does, so do we borrow consciousness from the universe.
The idea of God(s) isn’t necessarily stupid. It is the small and shallow versions of “God” that mainstream religion has offered that are lacking. If there is a God, I’m certain that it is much bigger than some angry fucker watching humans, sending folks to Hell, making ridiculous rules, and requesting constant worship. The version of God sold to the masses by religion is lacking and scientifically invalid.


  1. Bri D'Angelo says:

    If that’s how I picture God, not as a man in the sky, but the actual universe and not an actual being does that make me not Catholic?

    1. Drew Kiddy says:

      I dunno. I not a Catholic priest. Lol. Truthfully, you can be whatever you wish to be.

  2. Drew Kiddy says:

    But, realistically, I would think that would certainly make you not a traditional Catholic. Lol

  3. Greg Kiddy says:

    Revelation 20:11-And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. 12-And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. 13-And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. 14-And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. 15-And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

    1. Drew Kiddy says:

      No. Not on this post. Not today. Please.

  4. Greg Kiddy says:

    Don’t like those scriptures?

  5. Drew Kiddy says:

    I like your scriptures. I just don’t feel like a contest unless someone wants to fight today. Lol

  6. Greg Kiddy says:

    They are not my scriptures.

  7. Greg Kiddy says:

    I’m not gonna contest anything. I’m just gonna post some scriptures.

  8. Drew Kiddy says:

    Well, that I can appreciate though it’s likely I’ll appreciate them differently than you do. Lol.

  9. Fernando Mailleur says:

    As a knife can cut so many things..
    It can not cut itself..
    A scale can weigh so many things.. it can not weigh itself..
    The universe.. infinitly large.. and infinitly small.. can contain all things imaginable.. or none..
    It can not grasp itself.

  10. Greg Kiddy says:

    Matthew 24:35-Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

  11. Kenneth Dwain Harman says:

    Drew your whole problem comes from the last few words in your statements about God being some angry F….r sending people to hell yada yada and so on your angry because of your concept of how you perceive the “Christian God ” He is not some angry f-r if u are anybody else goes to hell you will have to step over His mercy and grace multiple times your flesh is only useing your false concept of God to get what it wants you are bound by the law of sin and death in your members Romans 7 but the law of the spirit of Christ Jesus will set you free from the law of sin and death all these statement are a combination of philosophy,science and teachings that became irrelevant millinia ago humanity thru them in the trash long ago only the Bible has for over two thousand years remained relevant because God Gave it it has changed multiple lives in impossible conditions your statements about God being some intangible uninvolved cosmic something will do nothing for a soul I used to talk like your talking it was the mantra of the 60s and 70s I am glad I finally had a confrontation with the “One True God” what the police the us government pop phsycology could not do a few minutes at an apostolic alter God took cussing,smoking ,drug use multiple sinful characteristic out of me instantly that night and gave me an incredible power “the Holy Ghost” I Him personally he calls me friend don’t judge God by what you have seen in others I venture to say that is what has shaped your views of God cast off this nonsense and call on the God of the Bible

    1. Drew Kiddy says:

      If you expect to “convert me” you’ll need to come at me with information, facts, scientific data, and philosophical depth. I entertain intellectual debate and I welcome profound discourse but i have no ear for this type of theological back and forth.

      As far as your attempts to convert me, remember that I grew up experiencing these things you speak about. I’m not denying the power and profundity I’ve experienced in churches. I wanted more than that so I found more than that. I wanted true understanding and to know the secrets of creation. I still labor for this knowledge and experience. I have experienced the divine for myself and I can do so whenever I want. It’s our birthright, you know? I have looked into the eyes of divinity and lept free of the physical bonds of my human body many times. I know well what lies beyond the doors of perception. When I have communion with what you call “God” it is sweeter than anything a church pew ever offered me. The elementary and introductory power that can be felt in churches is only a side effect of what power is our true birthright. I have observed the creation and destruction in close proximity. I have witnessed timelessness and the end of all suffering. I have experienced things beyond explanation through philosophical labor and intellectual contemplation alone. I have experienced things beyond humanity and these experiences cannot be taken from me. I mean no offense but I’ve witnessed what I believe firsthand; I’ve witnessed divinity myself. Can you say the same? Have you ever been removed from your body and been placed in the space between time itself?

      Don’t get me wrong, Brother Harman. I love the bible. I love the history and profundity of the Old Testament. I love what Jesus did. I study the bible, among many texts and philosophical sources. I get what you’re telling me and I believe you when you tell me you’ve found something great. But so have I. God and I are close. I seek only truth and understanding thereof. I’ve found more than Pentecost and I intend to follow the rabbit hole as deep as it will go. The rewards are great. The experiences, greater. My human life is troublesome and I often feel weak and powerless as material being but in my mind I am a giant. I live somewhere else and I just operate this human body because I have to.

      I appreciate your concern for my soul but I assure you my soul is not in trouble. It is my humanity that is in trouble. It is my human affairs that I have a hard time with.

  12. Kenneth Dwain Harman says:

    No I won’t bother you any more God can do more than I could ever do God bless you and will be praying

  13. Drew Kiddy says:

    You’re not bothering me. I’m always interested in deep conversation. I’m just not interested in “conversion” talks. I’m not trying to convert anyone so I don’t think anyone should try and convert me. Lol. I just speak on what I believe or observe and I welcome any additional perspective from others. You are always welcome to tell me what you believe in and to try and bring knowledge to the table.

    Also, I never said God was intangible or uninvolved. I said quite the opposite, actually. I’ll use the word God because you prefer it. So let me be bolder here. I can apprehend and experience this vast and profound God that I speak about. I have witnessed it and observed it myself. I have reconciled Creator and Creation for myself. There are methods that allow one to experience divinity firsthand. Have you ever experienced your God yourself? Have you departed from your humanity and observed heaven or hell? Have you seen God’s throne?

  14. Kenneth Dwain Harman says:

    Drew Kiddy hey yes sir

  15. Kenneth Dwain Harman says:

    lol I can’t convert you it’s your faith I just testify to what I experienced ultimately it takes God to open your eyes lol I don’t know this Drew just young one but as men we all choose our ways and people change but it doesn’t change the way I feel about you your a great guy lol I have changed 61 years old haha can’t do what I used to

  16. Drew Kiddy says:

    Change is the only constant. Variation is the engine of the whole universe. I don’t feel any different about you either. You’re still Brother Harman even if I don’t believe the same as I used to. Haha. You’re a great guy yourself. Have a good one Brother. Feel free to chime in more often. I won’t be offended. I like to think about things from many angles.

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